How our story began.

Gracelove Pharmacy is located in Blacklick Plaza in Reynoldsburg, OH. The owner and founder, Gabriel Owusu, holds a PharmD and is a licensed/registered pharmacist in the state of Ohio. Before this venture, he worked for about 5 years as an RX Pharmacy Emerging Leader and a Staff Pharmacist with one of the largest chain pharmacies in the country. Gabriel has always had a knack for entrepreneurship and sought every elective opportunity for additional study in this area during his undergraduate and graduate studies. As a result, he quickly became aware of the inefficiencies that plagued his daily routine as a pharmacist in the retail pharmacy setting, which he loved very much. He had always dreamt of opening his own pharmacy one day, but as he describes, ‘that dream faded away daily with the prevalent news of decreasing independent pharmacy reimbursement coupled with fewer regulations to protect their demise.’

Additionally, his decision to pivot to the entrepreneurship route became much more difficult as his family decided to have one parent stay at home amidst scheduling challenges among their four children during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant there was less room for any error if they decided to invest their last savings toward their shared dream of owning and operating an independent pharmacy business.

Subdued by this fear and the worsening plight of his retail pharmacy work environment, Gabriel focused his energy on changing his work environment. He successfully landed a staff pharmacist position at OhioHealth, one of central Ohio and America’s best hospitals. However, he quickly realized he was increasingly and constantly thinking about how to set up an independent pharmacy, even in his new cherished role. At this time, he came to the absolute realization that he would never feel settled with any career opportunity without fulfilling his deep-seated passion for owning and operating an independent pharmacy. As a result, he made the hard, guilty decision to say goodbye to his new enviable employer as he didn’t want to be a disservice to their team.

At this time, as Gabriel describes, all systems were set to go, and Gracelove Pharmacy, named after the founder’s youngest daughter, was ready to be born, and here we are. So, we urge you to come visit us soon, as we are owner-operated and determined to provide exceptional service in caring for you and your family’s well-being.

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